Best Foot Warmers for Raynaud's in 2024

Aurora Heat's Foot Warmers for keeping your feet warm.

Raynaud’s disease affects about 20% of adults around the world. It causes fingers and toes to painfully chill in response to triggers like cold or stress. Since no cure exists, finding effective treatments is crucial. Many people with Raynaud’s disease recommend Aurora Heat’s fur-based warmers for feet, and find them superior to other options like Raynaud socks.

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Aperçu de la maladie de Raynaud

Raynaud’s disease reduces blood flow to the fingers and toes because of blood vessel spasms, triggered by cold or stress. Raynaud's disease has two different types:

  1. Primary Raynaud’s: Starts between ages 15 and 25 and doesn't link to other conditions.
  2. Secondary Raynaud’s: Can happen at any age and is linked to autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, blood disorders, and lupus.

Risk factors include having an autoimmune disease, smoking, injuries, and certain medications. Genetics may also play a role, but the exact inheritance pattern is unclear.

Symptoms of Raynaud's cause fingers and toes to turn painfully pale in response to cold or stress, then turn red when warmed. This disease may cause sores on the finger pads to develop and tissue damage. While not usually dangerous, Raynaud’s can be painful and frustrating. Attacks can last from minutes to hours, so it's important for individuals to find ways to manage and prevent symptoms.

La maladie de Raynaud telle qu'elle se manifeste dans les mains 

La fourrure de castor tondue comme solution

Currently, there are few medical Raynaud’s disease treatments, so people often try natural remedies. Many use special gloves and socks, but these can be uncomfortable, non-hypoallergenic, expensive, or ineffective long-term. Additionally, many Raynaud’s disease socks are not versatile, making it difficult and costly to find the right solution.

However, there are effective solutions available, such as warmers made from sheared beaver fur. This material creates various items, including hand warmers, which help reduce pain from Raynaud’s. Sheared beaver fur is also an excellent alternative for alleviating symptoms in the feet and toes. Aside from being highly effective, fur products are also durable, reusable, natural, and comfortable:

  • Durable: Sheared beaver fur is recognized as one of the most durable furs in the world. It has a breathable, odour resistant, and silky-soft underfur, composed of 10,000 fur filaments per square inch. This insulation layer is what keeps beavers warm while going in and out of freezing water in Northern Canada. So it is no surprise that when cared for correctly, sheared beaver fur has a ten year life-span, providing an excellent return on investment.
  • Reusable: Many foot warmers on the market are single-use, causing harm for the environment. Because of the exceptional durability of sheared beaver fur, these products are reusable. This makes for both a sustainable and cost-effective alternative solution to foot warmers and Raynaud’s socks. 
  • Natural: Products made from sustainably-sourced wild beaver fur, like Aurora Heat™, are eco-friendly throughout their life cycle. Programs like the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program™ ensures the furs are ethically sourced and preserve Indigenous cultural heritage.
  • Comfortable: Sheared beaver fur warmers are soft, dense, hypoallergenic, and velvety, providing exceptional comfort. The fur's malleability makes it nearly unnoticeable in various footwear, ideal for tight-fitting ski boots or skates.

    Les meilleures alternatives aux chaussettes de Raynaud

    As highlighted, sheared beaver fur is an effective and unique material with many benefits. When crafted into different products, sheared beaver fur offers a great alternative to traditional Raynaud's socks. The best products of this kind include Aurora Heat’s reusable Foot Warmers and Ankle Warmers. 

    1. Réchauffeurs de pieds réutilisables

    Les chauffe-pieds réutilisables d'Aurora Heat comme solution alternative aux chaussettes de Raynaud

    Aurora Heat’s reusable Foot Warmers come in two sizes, two colours, and three thicknesses. They fit comfortably in socks and can be worn with any footwear.

    Place them on top of your feet and toes to endure any type of cold weather. The warmers capture your body heat and circulate it back to your feet, keeping them warm without overheating.

    The softness of the fur and the long-lasting warmth these warmers provide are an instant relief to those suffering from Raynaud's disease. Customers with Raynaud’s love these reusable Foot Warmers.

    Un client souffrant de la maladie de Raynaud bénéficie de chauffe-pieds en fourrure, en remplacement des chaussettes de Raynaud.
    Un client utilise les chauffe-pieds réutilisables d'Aurora Heat pour combattre le froid, au lieu des chaussettes de Raynaud. 

    Acheter des chauffe-pieds réutilisables

    2. Chauffe-chevilles réutilisables

    Les chevillères réutilisables d'Aurora Heat constituent une excellente solution de rechange aux chaussettes de Raynaud.

    Aurora Heat’s reusable Ankle Warmers are made from ethically-sourced beaver fur and are designed to improve blood flow.

    These warmers wrap around your ankles, with the fur side against your skin, and secure with a velcro band to give you a snug fit. Available in three sizes and two colours, they are comfortable, discreet, and can be worn all day.

    These warmers are versatile for any activity. Whether you're outdoors or indoors, their adjustable strap makes them suitable for everyone, making them a great family purchase!

    See what this customer had to say about Aurora Heat's Ankle Warmers:


    Avantages pour le client d'utiliser les chevillères comme alternative aux chaussettes de Raynaud.

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    Principaux points à retenir

    Living with Raynaud’s can be tough, so finding the right solution for your lifestyle is important. Many people find that ethically-sourced beaver fur is the best alternative to traditional Raynaud's socks. It is hypoallergenic, durable, versatile, practical, and comfortable for eve.

    We encourage you to visit Aurora Heat’s website to learn more about the different fur warmers, and which option is best for you.

    Les chaufferettes réutilisables à base de fourrure d'Aurora Heat constituent une excellente solution de remplacement pour les gants et les chaussettes de Raynaud.

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